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There are a few significant changes and clarifications in the latest Wizards of the Three Moons playtest document, the most important of which is the change to the number of fate tokens that the liege wizard’s arcana contribute to the fate bag. Download the current game file here.


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Indeed, although this one’s not based on play feedback, but rather a late-night brainstorm. (Funny how writing ideas always pick inopportune times to strike, isn’t it?)

The new document contains tables that troupes can use to randomly establish scenes and plot complications. Download it here.

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Wizards of the Three Moons

First, a long-overdue update: Corona, as a project, has been scrapped. I think there are other games either already on the market or in development that will fill its niche better than any of its incarnations thus far would. I will certainly revisit ideas from it in the future, but not for a while.

Second, a new game is in playtest shape, so I’ll be posting about it here sporadically. It’s a much lighter affair, in its way, influenced by the works of Jack Vance, Fritz Leiber, Gene Wolfe and others who mixed their fantasy with weird and futuristic vistas. It’s called Wizards of the Three Moons, and besides being able to play it here, you can follow a new Twitter account (@wizardlylore) for little daily snippets of setting material, interspersed with the occasional news update.

Want to give it some testing time at your table? Download the rough version here.

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