Sorry for the quiet!

I've been buckling down and doing a lot of writing, and in between juggling a lot of ideas (some old, some new), I hadn't really popped in to discuss what's going on. So here's what's going on! As I rewrite Corona, it occurs to me that I might want to not release it ahead of… Continue reading Sorry for the quiet!

October challenge: format as flavor

The message is the medium, Marshall McLuhan said, and for a game design, the format it comes in contributes to how it feels. The days of issuing everything in a boxed set of multiple 64-page booklets were superceded by the single-volume 8.5"x11" hardback running hundreds of pages, and if you look at those games, there… Continue reading October challenge: format as flavor

October Challenge: condensing the quest-giving game

It seems that John's quest-giving game is reaching a point where we can solidify it as a fairly simple game from beginning to end. Let's boil it down to a series of steps of play to get an idea of where we might turn our attentions next. Note that this is skipping over a few… Continue reading October Challenge: condensing the quest-giving game

October Challenge: the quest-giver and token baggage

When a quest-giver sends one of their peers out on an adventure, the tokens used to create the quest are part of the prize, but they come with an implicit cost of sorts: facing down a difficult quest (made more difficult by infamy tokens, if you remember) ends up rewarding the successful adventurer with additional… Continue reading October Challenge: the quest-giver and token baggage

October Challenge: the greatest adventurers in all the lands meet for tea

That's the premise as it stands, anyway. Although it doesn't have to be tea in the cups. 🙂 I like to walk through a thought experiment version of play to see if the current design elements work before moving on. We'll see if there are any unforeseen gaps or flaws in play on a basic… Continue reading October Challenge: the greatest adventurers in all the lands meet for tea

October Challenge: three game prompts

As I embark on this mad task of creating eight short games in a month, let me share with you the first three suggestions* I received. Tore Nielsen provided me with two ideas: "A game that deals with the idea of an insidious/subtle reality taking over, and makes resisting it and going along with it… Continue reading October Challenge: three game prompts