A mostly inconsequential name change

It's been brought to my attention that a game called Spectrum has been released, and in the interest of not causing any confusion, I've renamed my open-source game system to Spectra. It's been a dormant project for years, but I think I want to revive it, and this would head off any potential miscommunication. The… Continue reading A mostly inconsequential name change

Spectrum, Color, and Colorblindness

Since color is an essential mechanical element in the Spectrum system, it bears thinking about how the system might accommodate those who have difficulty distinguishing colors. The answer is: more readily than you might think. Among the rules tweaks being added to the new Spectrum Prime document is a sidebar addressing these concerns. The most… Continue reading Spectrum, Color, and Colorblindness

[NGDM] Fight finishing, system eyeballing, setting sketching

First, let's finish up our hanging fight scene. Lakshmi has taken a wound (-1), and with her low dice, that's a big deal, so she wants to get out of this wizard's atelier and away from the guardian automaton. Time for her to perform a complex action: she's going to put all of her magical… Continue reading [NGDM] Fight finishing, system eyeballing, setting sketching

[NGDM] A few add-ins, plus a fight!

While I compile the rules into a coherent written form and flesh them out, I'll toss a few ideas here to keep some transparency on what's going on. The action declaration system is intended to be super-flexible in allowing characters to perform actions, provided that they are capable and willing to use their imaginations and… Continue reading [NGDM] A few add-ins, plus a fight!