October challenge: format as flavor

The message is the medium, Marshall McLuhan said, and for a game design, the format it comes in contributes to how it feels. The days of issuing everything in a boxed set of multiple 64-page booklets were superceded by the single-volume 8.5"x11" hardback running hundreds of pages, and if you look at those games, there… Continue reading October challenge: format as flavor

October Challenge: trading intangibles

The "quantum jumping" game is probably going to be the lightest, most free-form of the ideas discussed so far, primarily because it's so wide open. The real kernel of the system is going to be a currency arrangement whereby character resources can be exchanged with conditions attached. I had a bit of a brainstorm as… Continue reading October Challenge: trading intangibles

October Challenge: jumping at shadows

Okay, so I took a couple of days off to defend my doctoral dissertation and finish my Ph.D. Sue me. 🙂 Working on Tore's alternate-reality prompt highlights just how Manichean the standard trope of mirror worlds is: I even fall into the assumed duality in House of Cards, although I posited the Beyond as natural… Continue reading October Challenge: jumping at shadows

October Challenge: three game prompts

As I embark on this mad task of creating eight short games in a month, let me share with you the first three suggestions* I received. Tore Nielsen provided me with two ideas: "A game that deals with the idea of an insidious/subtle reality taking over, and makes resisting it and going along with it… Continue reading October Challenge: three game prompts