A quick musing: number of dice

So, "traditionally", dF are used in sets of four. That was my initial baseline for characters in the new game, too. The investment mechanic complicates the normal scale of actions, however, because every die so invested irrevocably lowers the maximum possible roll result by 1. Difficulty scales are going to have to be considered not… Continue reading A quick musing: number of dice

Following up on keywords, elements, attributes, and character sheet issues

By the way, in my previous blog entry, I'm fully aware that there's no way to physically rotate the position of entries on a sheet of paper as if they were a dial. The metaphor was used simply as a handy means of visualizing a mechanic: I had it in mind that the relative positions… Continue reading Following up on keywords, elements, attributes, and character sheet issues

More toying with magic Fudge dice

(Oh, before I forget, because I'm bad at self-promotion: I'm running a sale on House of Cards in honor of Indie+. $20 hardcover, $15 hardcover, free digital copy as always. Runs through July 15, just like Indie+!) So, I sat down for a protracted brainstorming session yesterday afternoon. I still haven't found a way to… Continue reading More toying with magic Fudge dice