Sorry for the quiet!

I've been buckling down and doing a lot of writing, and in between juggling a lot of ideas (some old, some new), I hadn't really popped in to discuss what's going on. So here's what's going on! As I rewrite Corona, it occurs to me that I might want to not release it ahead of… Continue reading Sorry for the quiet!

Checking in

So how have you been? I've been away for a bit due to illness, and while I'm happy to report that I'm feeling better, I haven't been able to do a lot of work lately other than scribbling in my notebook to revisit later. Sadly, as a result, I missed the deadline for NGDM completion… Continue reading Checking in

Post-Metatopia development schedule

Metatopia continues to grow both in size and energy. The show was tremendously instructive, as usual, and I'm going to revise the priorities of many of the projects on my agenda currently to reflect the feedback received:During the first Ghosts of Atlantis session, I made a spontaneous change to the rules that went over smashingly,… Continue reading Post-Metatopia development schedule

A peek at Ghosts of Atlantis

Those who followed the design posts for Ghosts of Atlantis may recall some of the basic mechanical components: keyword-based traits, and investing dice and/or elemental energy in actions. I've put together a rough partial character sheet to demonstrate how these would work. Starting at the top, we have basic character premise info, along with a… Continue reading A peek at Ghosts of Atlantis

October Challenge: one week until Metatopia!

Which is both a relief and a stressor, because it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to meet my self-imposed challenge. I'll have perhaps four games out of the experience (thanks to an idea I stumbled into a couple of days ago), which is half of what I had set out to do,… Continue reading October Challenge: one week until Metatopia!

General update (October Challenge and more)

Metatopia draws nigh, and so I'm scrambling to get everything into a showable state with less than two weeks to prepare. The October Challenge games aren't on the event schedule, but will be present in very rough form for pick-up play (the quest-giving game will probably see the biggest workout, since it's the most robust… Continue reading General update (October Challenge and more)

Another quick game design scribble: dice, betting, and experience

So, when a character or characters enter a scene, the referee often either has a particular challenge in mind for the protagonists, or sets one based on what the characters do as the scene unfolds. Part of this dynamic, but one that goes unremarked, is the idea that this is a sort of gambling on… Continue reading Another quick game design scribble: dice, betting, and experience

A quick design scribble: dice buy plot

That's a terse and inelegant way of describing it, but accurate. I wrote earlier about a design track in which characters take dice from their pool to "invest" in some of their traits, giving up flexibility and power in performing actions in exchange for the static aura of benefit that comes with the trait so… Continue reading A quick design scribble: dice buy plot