[NGDM] A quick chargen rundown

Let's write up a character! I keep using this nebulous mage-thief as a character example, so let's do that: a cutpurse for a fantasy setting with some minor magical talents. Start with 20 points. Envisioning magic as flexible and fast, but our character wielding only minor tricks, I buy 2d4 for her, giving each of… Continue reading [NGDM] A quick chargen rundown

[NGDM] Tying things together

I promise I'm still here! The last couple of days in the office were pretty busy, but I've been collecting my thoughts on what's been done so far on this project and where it's still in need of development. Here's everything that's come up so far, with some clarifications that I've been mulling over in… Continue reading [NGDM] Tying things together

[NGDM] It gets ugly (system accretion – wounds)

To use an analogy: our dice system is the bit of sand around which the rest of the game systems will build like nacre. While it's fine to have independently-developed systems cohabiting peacefully in your game, I'm going to make the conscious decision to make this the central point from which everything else branches. Thus,… Continue reading [NGDM] It gets ugly (system accretion – wounds)

[NGDM] Integrating premise and mechanics

Before we dig too much deeper into the actual nuts and bolts of this nascent game, it's time to consider whether we want to build the game around a premise, with the intent of specifically modeling genre expectations and in-universe phenomena, or whether instead we want to put together something self-contained and then overlay a… Continue reading [NGDM] Integrating premise and mechanics

[NGDM] Part 2: classes vs. roles

The next thing we need to think about, building on the ideas from last post, is how many different "classes," meaning character roles, we are going to incorporate. There are a few different extant paradigms for this: the warrior/wizard/thief/cleric breakdown from D&D forward through most fantasy games, for instance, has become relatively ubiquitous. I understand… Continue reading [NGDM] Part 2: classes vs. roles