Checking in

So how have you been? I've been away for a bit due to illness, and while I'm happy to report that I'm feeling better, I haven't been able to do a lot of work lately other than scribbling in my notebook to revisit later. Sadly, as a result, I missed the deadline for NGDM completion… Continue reading Checking in

[NGDM] Card design

Designing Yūgen means designing an aesthetic around an aesthetic, and so all of the little physical details become an expression of the game's feel and ethos as well as of the actual play. To that end, each specific aspect of the cards must serve both of those ends.Due to cultural exchange, most people in the… Continue reading [NGDM] Card design

[NGDM] Fight finishing, system eyeballing, setting sketching

First, let's finish up our hanging fight scene. Lakshmi has taken a wound (-1), and with her low dice, that's a big deal, so she wants to get out of this wizard's atelier and away from the guardian automaton. Time for her to perform a complex action: she's going to put all of her magical… Continue reading [NGDM] Fight finishing, system eyeballing, setting sketching

[NGDM] A few add-ins, plus a fight!

While I compile the rules into a coherent written form and flesh them out, I'll toss a few ideas here to keep some transparency on what's going on. The action declaration system is intended to be super-flexible in allowing characters to perform actions, provided that they are capable and willing to use their imaginations and… Continue reading [NGDM] A few add-ins, plus a fight!