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House of Cards at Metatopia

The Metatopia event schedule is up, and I’m pleased to announce the open session on Saturday night (10pm to midnight) as well as a designer-only session Friday from 8 to 10. Anyone who wants to talk about the game, get a sneak preview, or even try it out, feel free to register now; I’m also willing to sit down with anybody who wants to set something up “off the menu” – tweet me (@houseofcardsrpg) to find me at the show.


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Speaking of Metatopia:

The event schedule has been posted at the site. I wanted to point out that only the House of Cards sessions are listed publicly, but I am still running 30 Minutes to Live test sessions “off the menu” – anyone who wants to sit down and give it a whirl and help me hammer the kinks out, send me a tweet (@houseofcardsrpg) to find me at the show. I may also run any of the other short games on the site here if asked nicely; I’ll have them all on my tablet just in case. 😀

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Jersey Bound

I’ll be participating in Metatopia, an upcoming game design festival in Morristown, New Jersey, this coming November. If you’re in the neighborhood, you should come by. There’s a lot of interesting stuff planned, both on my slate and with the other designers on the roster. Besides the last round of House of Cards playtesting, I’ll be mucking around with some new and existing nano-rpg designs, such as new hacks for Diceconomy and other projects under the radar up to this point. More on the specifics when event creation actually opens up.

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