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Corona returns to Metatopia

After several iterations of the rules text have been built up and torn down again, the current incarnation of Corona will be on the slate for playtesting from 9am-11am on Saturday, November 8, 2014 at Metatopia (see the full convention schedule here). If you’re going to be there, I’ll be looking for intrepid players willing to get into some sci-fi political intrigue. See you in Morristown!

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Metatopia continues to grow both in size and energy. The show was tremendously instructive, as usual, and I’m going to revise the priorities of many of the projects on my agenda currently to reflect the feedback received:

  • During the first Ghosts of Atlantis session, I made a spontaneous change to the rules that went over smashingly, and then took that change to the second session, which was disastrous. While I continue to mull over the disconnect between the two experiences, the game goes into the drawer for later work.
  • The horror game was a hit with the focus group, and we also came up with ideas regarding what form factor the game will ultimately take. I think that’s going to move to the top of the queue.
  • The card game idea (tentatively titled Yūgen) will serve as an interesting complement to other development, and gives me a nominal NGDM project, so that is going alongside the horror game in the development queue. 
  • Pitches for the quest-giving game received modest but positive response. I think it’s more salable if I find a stronger hook. I’ll give that one some attention this month between working on the other games.

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Which is both a relief and a stressor, because it doesn’t look like I’m going to be able to meet my self-imposed challenge. I’ll have perhaps four games out of the experience (thanks to an idea I stumbled into a couple of days ago), which is half of what I had set out to do, but at the same time, I also acknowledge that it was a pretty difficult bar to set for myself to create eight fully-functional games in 31 days, particularly since I knew that this month was going to have some other very important tasks to complete outside of my game design work.

For the final week of the month, I’m going to focus on refining these games, as well as Ghosts of Atlantis and the new horror game, so that they’ll be showable next week. Tomorrow, I hope to have an initial post on the fourth (and ostensibly final) game design, a card game of abstract expression.

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Metatopia is approaching!

I’ll be running three sessions at Metatopia 2012 in just about two weeks’ time. Corona, Delve, and Project Atlantis are on the slate. (If you don’t know what those are, or want to know more, I’ve been blogging about them right here! Click on the respective tags to follow the threads.) Specific times will be announced once the schedule is finalized.

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Back from Metatopia

If this past few days has been any indication, Metatopia is going to be a big deal for gamers and game creators in short order. The quality of every session I either attended or ran was fantastic, and I met a number of excellent folks (and I’m not talking about just the famous ones).

Resting this evening and reviewing a few notes on different projects; we’ll get back to NGDM tomorrow.

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Metatopia is almost here!

I’m preparing for my Friday demos in my hotel room in the lovely Hyatt in Morristown, NJ. Anybody who’s around, come find me (tweet @houseofcardsrpg) during the show. Besides House of Cards demos, I have a focus group Friday 8pm-10pm for something new and intriguing. Come be a part!

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House of Cards at Metatopia

The Metatopia event schedule is up, and I’m pleased to announce the open session on Saturday night (10pm to midnight) as well as a designer-only session Friday from 8 to 10. Anyone who wants to talk about the game, get a sneak preview, or even try it out, feel free to register now; I’m also willing to sit down with anybody who wants to set something up “off the menu” – tweet me (@houseofcardsrpg) to find me at the show.

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