Replenishing cards and “right action”

As has been mentioned before, managing cards in hand is one of the crucial resource-allocation decisions players face when playing House of Cards. They literally represent your ability to act or resist being acted upon. Given this situation, how does one keep from being overwhelmed at the first sign of opposition? The game adopts the… Continue reading Replenishing cards and “right action”

Parenthesis Press at Gen Con 2011

Yes, as the subject says, I'll be at Gen Con 2011, running all of Parenthesis Press' games, including demos of House of Cards and The Great Challenge..., from Thursday to Saturday. They're all "off-grid" games, meaning they're not officially listed in the program with set times and rooms. The best way to get involved? Follow… Continue reading Parenthesis Press at Gen Con 2011

Considering Art and Symbolism on Cards

So you're going to need a deck of cards to play. (Well, really, two: one for the referee, and another for the players.) While the rules do provide a translation from Tarot to standard playing cards for the Minors in order to conduct task resolution, the most immersive experience obviously comes from using a full-sized… Continue reading Considering Art and Symbolism on Cards

A beginning: the design philosophy of a hand of cards.

There are a number of ways I could approach introducing people to House of Cards: the teasers linked at the top of the page have been circulating for a little while, and serve as a relatively straightforward taste of what the actual product will be like, but I want to delve into the actual heart… Continue reading A beginning: the design philosophy of a hand of cards.