House of Cards at Metatopia

The Metatopia event schedule is up, and I'm pleased to announce the open session on Saturday night (10pm to midnight) as well as a designer-only session Friday from 8 to 10. Anyone who wants to talk about the game, get a sneak preview, or even try it out, feel free to register now; I'm also… Continue reading House of Cards at Metatopia

Sketching, Not Painting: Taking a Light Hand with Setting

I like tossing in little throw-away details to illustrate ideas in House of Cards, but I'm of the mindset that too much information stifles the reader's own imagination. To take just one example from the text, while discussing the strangely alien and capricious nature of the courts of the Comtes, I added the flourish, "In… Continue reading Sketching, Not Painting: Taking a Light Hand with Setting

The Three R’s of Hand Management

In House of Cards, there are three important terms that define different ways in which cards cycle: renew, replenish, and refresh. To renew a hand is simply discard your hand and draw back up to your current hand maximum. This occurs in situations which represent a dramatic change that throws everyone off-kilter: when a Shuffle… Continue reading The Three R’s of Hand Management