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Yes, as the subject says, I’ll be at Gen Con 2011, running all of Parenthesis Press’ games, including demos of House of Cards and The Great Challenge…, from Thursday to Saturday. They’re all “off-grid” games, meaning they’re not officially listed in the program with set times and rooms. The best way to get involved? Follow @houseofcardsrpg on Twitter for up-to-the-minute announcements, for one. I’ll also post more details here shortly before and even at the convention, so keep your eyes here.


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Gen Con 2011

If you follow the Twitter feed, you already know that I’ll be at Gen Con this year (and if you don’t follow it, now’s the time to start!)

There are no official House of Cards events on the program, but I’ll be wandering around the show running sessions for those interested, and I’ll be at the Thursday night RPG.net event running a possible sample adventure to be included in the final book.

And if you play during Gen Con, I will include your name in the credits. That’s a promise.

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