October Challenge: busting destiny in the chops

An agent of fate gets his or her assignments in ways that seem like random chance to everyone else: today's winning lottery numbers are the phone number to the anonymous dispatcher with your next case, or you stop in a used book store on vacation to find an envelope waiting in the front of the… Continue reading October Challenge: busting destiny in the chops

October Challenge: jumping at shadows

Okay, so I took a couple of days off to defend my doctoral dissertation and finish my Ph.D. Sue me. 🙂 Working on Tore's alternate-reality prompt highlights just how Manichean the standard trope of mirror worlds is: I even fall into the assumed duality in House of Cards, although I posited the Beyond as natural… Continue reading October Challenge: jumping at shadows

October Challenge: the greatest adventurers in all the lands meet for tea

That's the premise as it stands, anyway. Although it doesn't have to be tea in the cups. 🙂 I like to walk through a thought experiment version of play to see if the current design elements work before moving on. We'll see if there are any unforeseen gaps or flaws in play on a basic… Continue reading October Challenge: the greatest adventurers in all the lands meet for tea

October Challenge: three game prompts

As I embark on this mad task of creating eight short games in a month, let me share with you the first three suggestions* I received. Tore Nielsen provided me with two ideas: "A game that deals with the idea of an insidious/subtle reality taking over, and makes resisting it and going along with it… Continue reading October Challenge: three game prompts

My self-imposed challenge: Eight 8-page games in October

I thought I'd change things up a little bit: while the horror game and all the other extant projects go brew for a little while, I'm going to spend October doing quick designs. Here are my rules: * Try to finish eight games, based on suggestions by others when possible. I have two prompts already,… Continue reading My self-imposed challenge: Eight 8-page games in October