Sorry for the quiet!

I've been buckling down and doing a lot of writing, and in between juggling a lot of ideas (some old, some new), I hadn't really popped in to discuss what's going on. So here's what's going on! As I rewrite Corona, it occurs to me that I might want to not release it ahead of… Continue reading Sorry for the quiet!

Post-Metatopia development schedule

Metatopia continues to grow both in size and energy. The show was tremendously instructive, as usual, and I'm going to revise the priorities of many of the projects on my agenda currently to reflect the feedback received:During the first Ghosts of Atlantis session, I made a spontaneous change to the rules that went over smashingly,… Continue reading Post-Metatopia development schedule

October challenge: format as flavor

The message is the medium, Marshall McLuhan said, and for a game design, the format it comes in contributes to how it feels. The days of issuing everything in a boxed set of multiple 64-page booklets were superceded by the single-volume 8.5"x11" hardback running hundreds of pages, and if you look at those games, there… Continue reading October challenge: format as flavor

October Challenge: one week until Metatopia!

Which is both a relief and a stressor, because it doesn't look like I'm going to be able to meet my self-imposed challenge. I'll have perhaps four games out of the experience (thanks to an idea I stumbled into a couple of days ago), which is half of what I had set out to do,… Continue reading October Challenge: one week until Metatopia!

General update (October Challenge and more)

Metatopia draws nigh, and so I'm scrambling to get everything into a showable state with less than two weeks to prepare. The October Challenge games aren't on the event schedule, but will be present in very rough form for pick-up play (the quest-giving game will probably see the biggest workout, since it's the most robust… Continue reading General update (October Challenge and more)

October Challenge: trading intangibles

The "quantum jumping" game is probably going to be the lightest, most free-form of the ideas discussed so far, primarily because it's so wide open. The real kernel of the system is going to be a currency arrangement whereby character resources can be exchanged with conditions attached. I had a bit of a brainstorm as… Continue reading October Challenge: trading intangibles

October Challenge: quadrangular destiny damage

When fate gets snarled, who or what is to blame? The antagonists of the "agents of destiny" game are deliberately left undefined as to their actual identity, but they need a mechanical framework. There are three main approaches we can take here. The first is that they are an utterly passive condition, like an environmental… Continue reading October Challenge: quadrangular destiny damage

October Challenge: condensing the quest-giving game

It seems that John's quest-giving game is reaching a point where we can solidify it as a fairly simple game from beginning to end. Let's boil it down to a series of steps of play to get an idea of where we might turn our attentions next. Note that this is skipping over a few… Continue reading October Challenge: condensing the quest-giving game

October Challenge: the quest-giver and token baggage

When a quest-giver sends one of their peers out on an adventure, the tokens used to create the quest are part of the prize, but they come with an implicit cost of sorts: facing down a difficult quest (made more difficult by infamy tokens, if you remember) ends up rewarding the successful adventurer with additional… Continue reading October Challenge: the quest-giver and token baggage