[Delve] The Brad Is Down!

That's not an accidental error in the title: during the most recent Delve playtest, the player of the Bard decided that he was the Brad, whose name was Brad. (There was some drinking going on this time.) Reset button hit, we find ourselves at the entry to a new dungeon, with the Bard, Dwarf, and… Continue reading [Delve] The Brad Is Down!

[Delve] The playtest gets a reboot

With some of the rules tweaks lately, let's hit the reset button on the ongoing playtest session. Rewind to the beginning: in this alternate universe, the players pick the Bard, the Elf, the Thief, and the Viking. We start at 4 Adventure Points in the Pool as usual. One of the things that still needs… Continue reading [Delve] The playtest gets a reboot

[Delve] About dice, critical hits, and narrating fights

I'm normally not a fan of "critical hit" mechanics in games, per se, although it's not easy for me to articulate why, because I do like having a method for player characters to be exceptional, and that may (indeed, often) includes exceptional talent at combat. It probably stems from my dislike of over-reliance on randomization… Continue reading [Delve] About dice, critical hits, and narrating fights

Delve Playtest pt. 2: Delve Harder.

Recap: the adventurers (in marching order) are the Thief, the Swashbuckler, the Shieldmaiden, and the Elf. The Thief picked up a Fog Flask after destroying an animated skeleton, and the Elf dispelled a magic sigil to gain an Ancient Grimoire.AP: 8 HP: 6Does this storeroom have exits? It does if any of the players say… Continue reading Delve Playtest pt. 2: Delve Harder.

Delve playtest: entering the dungeon

Test run of Delve with 4 adventurers, in marching order: the Thief, the Swashbuckler, the Shieldmaiden, the Elf. I picked these four because they all move pretty quickly, so we won't get stuck in hallways for long periods of time.Starting AP: 4 HP: 4(This may not be the final rule, but currently, the Adventure Pool… Continue reading Delve playtest: entering the dungeon