Sorry for the quiet!

I've been buckling down and doing a lot of writing, and in between juggling a lot of ideas (some old, some new), I hadn't really popped in to discuss what's going on. So here's what's going on! As I rewrite Corona, it occurs to me that I might want to not release it ahead of… Continue reading Sorry for the quiet!

October challenge: format as flavor

The message is the medium, Marshall McLuhan said, and for a game design, the format it comes in contributes to how it feels. The days of issuing everything in a boxed set of multiple 64-page booklets were superceded by the single-volume 8.5"x11" hardback running hundreds of pages, and if you look at those games, there… Continue reading October challenge: format as flavor

General update (October Challenge and more)

Metatopia draws nigh, and so I'm scrambling to get everything into a showable state with less than two weeks to prepare. The October Challenge games aren't on the event schedule, but will be present in very rough form for pick-up play (the quest-giving game will probably see the biggest workout, since it's the most robust… Continue reading General update (October Challenge and more)

On dungeons, and what happens when they’re not being crawled

The dungeon crawl game playtest is progressing, and I'm thinking about parts that need expansion. (There's a potential name in discussion, too. Finally!) The question of the moment: what happens when adventurers exit the dungeon? Some mechanical parts of that have already been written, naturally: adventurers can heal up to full Health, and have the… Continue reading On dungeons, and what happens when they’re not being crawled

Signing up to playtest that dungeon crawl game

You know the one. I've been talking about it for a while. (Nope, still no good names.) Anyway, I want to give it one more spin of semi-open testing before rolling it out for consumption. Anybody who's interested in joining in, please email me at the address on the contacts page. (Hint: it's the name… Continue reading Signing up to playtest that dungeon crawl game

Shifting gears – Corona playtest approaching

While I ponder a bit more of the ins and outs of this new game, we're approaching Gen Con, and there's some exciting stuff to say about it, starting with the fact that Parenthesis Press is going to be there with a diverse slate of options. First of all, for House of Cards fans, I'll… Continue reading Shifting gears – Corona playtest approaching