Opting into the Corona playtest

Anyone interested in participating in the last big round of playtesting for Corona: Strategic Sci-Fi Roleplaying, please email me at parenthesispress (at) gmail (dot) com with "Corona Playtest" in the subject. One thing to point out: the game is intended for play with groups of 6+, though there are rules options for smaller groups, so… Continue reading Opting into the Corona playtest

Pre-Gen Con productivity

It's always nice to get some work done. With Gen Con less than a week away, the necessary materials are coming together. For the game formerly known as Delve, the playtest character sheets have been printed; they're double-sided with some of the most important rules on the back. I managed to get them down to… Continue reading Pre-Gen Con productivity

Shifting gears – Corona playtest approaching

While I ponder a bit more of the ins and outs of this new game, we're approaching Gen Con, and there's some exciting stuff to say about it, starting with the fact that Parenthesis Press is going to be there with a diverse slate of options. First of all, for House of Cards fans, I'll… Continue reading Shifting gears – Corona playtest approaching