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On the Silence in Heaven front: The progress is slow but steady! A skeleton of mechanical resolution is in place, about 20% more of the Sphere+Element powers are written, more lore for the game has been set down (e.g., all the Archons have a description now), and things are looking better than before. Soon, I hope to have a preliminary draft available for followers to comment on!

A wild Game Idea appears! Neal uses Collaborate with Tore Nielsen: it’s super effective! Yes, while plugging away at A Silence in Heaven, another concept for a game sprang to mind, and I realized it was going to be more than I could develop on my own. Thus, I turned to the inimitable Tore to assist me in designing that project, with other potential collaborators in negotiations to join the team. The pitch? Dark Sun meets Into the Badlands with a dash of Brotherhood of the Wolf. Intrigued? Stay tuned for more…

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