Angels, Spheres, and Elements

Okay, so I'm just throwing ideas at the wall right now to see what sticks. Angels are made up of five Spheres, each of which has an associated Element. These Elements are neither the scientific elements nor the classical elements, but a descriptor that elaborates on what that Sphere is composed of (both literally and… Continue reading Angels, Spheres, and Elements

New game jam, new game!

I've decided to jump in on the Roll to Craft game jam over at I'll be posting blog updates here and over on itch as I work on my entry. So far, I have a rough premise in mind: the Creator has disappeared, and you play angels trying to find their own path in… Continue reading New game jam, new game!

An important statement

I believe women. I believe Mandy Morbid, Hannah, Jennifer, Vivka, and the others who have come forward. Their abuser cannot debate, intimidate, or manipulate me into silence. There is no place for abusers among us. #AbuseIsNotAGame #OSR If you don't know what this is in reference to, read this: and then this: