A mostly inconsequential name change

It's been brought to my attention that a game called Spectrum has been released, and in the interest of not causing any confusion, I've renamed my open-source game system to Spectra. It's been a dormant project for years, but I think I want to revive it, and this would head off any potential miscommunication. The… Continue reading A mostly inconsequential name change

What’s a point worth?

Mulling a change to point costs in the character creation rules for G&F - the simplicity of Everway's approach is appealing, but I've been rereading Nobilis 2e for inspiration as well and I'm torn because Nobilis has a more robust ability creation method that would raise the prices on things. (In Everway, a power costs… Continue reading What’s a point worth?

Advancement and experience in Glorious and Fearsome

Since Everway doesn't have a hard advancement system for characters, I'm looking at existing tech to graft onto the game that won't disrupt the feel too much. My leaning is toward goal-based advancement such as the Motivations in Exalted or the Keys in games like Lady Blackbird. In Everway, as I mentioned before, you have… Continue reading Advancement and experience in Glorious and Fearsome

“Fixing” Everway, addendum

As I continue to read through the original Everway box, there are some areas that catch my attention now that never did before. One of those I'd like to comment on is the way wounds are handled in the game. They're very abstract, broken into three categories - flesh wounds, serious wounds, and mortal wounds… Continue reading “Fixing” Everway, addendum

“Fixing” Everway, part three

Overall, as I said before,¬†Everway has a lot of good things. Among other things, it has a great spread of magical schools, and powers, and setting background (seriously, over half the playing guide is about the city of Everway and the spheres). It uses generous amounts of example text to walk players through how to… Continue reading “Fixing” Everway, part three

“Fixing” Everway, part one

Let's start off with one important point: Everway is a good game. It has a lot going for it: its aggressive multiculturalism, its extensive use of examples to guide new players, its production value, its use of art as part of the play experience (especially the vision cards), and for me in particular,¬†its embrace of… Continue reading “Fixing” Everway, part one

Wizards of the Three Moons 2e now available at DriveThruRPG

The PDF version of the second edition is out now! If you bought the first edition, you've already been updated to the second for free. There's also going to be a print version this time! The files have been sent to the printer, and I have to approve the proofs when they arrive, but thereafter,… Continue reading Wizards of the Three Moons 2e now available at DriveThruRPG