Still working on angels!

A Silence in Heaven is coming along well: I'm up to about 6000 words now, and I think the final product will be about 10,000 total. Hopefully I can crank that out in the next week in order to make the deadline for the Roll to Craft Jam, but even if I don't, I'm definitely… Continue reading Still working on angels!

Work being done on Spheres, Elements, and Archons

I'm getting more work done on A Silence in Heaven, having put a respectable number of words into the various Spheres, the Elements they're composed of, and the Archons that angels serve. Here's a brief listing of what's in the document now (albeit without any mechanical stuff for right now, because that's in no way finalized).… Continue reading Work being done on Spheres, Elements, and Archons

Numbers? Or not?

I'm debating whether or not Sphere/Element combinations should have a numerical rating as well, in the tradition of standard RPG attributes, or whether the system should be completely verbally descriptive instead of using mathematical comparisons. It's not necessary when dealing with angel versus mortal interactions - angels always win - but there is obviously an… Continue reading Numbers? Or not?

An important statement

I believe women. I believe Mandy Morbid, Hannah, Jennifer, Vivka, and the others who have come forward. Their abuser cannot debate, intimidate, or manipulate me into silence. There is no place for abusers among us. #AbuseIsNotAGame #OSR If you don't know what this is in reference to, read this: and then this: