Max Vanderheyden has created a new random table that generates portals, keys, and destinations for Portal Rats. Give it a spin!


It came to me in a dream, then another, and another. Eventually, I realized, I was going to have to record what I could remember.

Eidolon City is a one-page setting prompt for Fate Accelerated Edition. Your job as an investigator for the Office of Psychometry: find and neutralize anomalies in an already anomalous town. It’s available free under the Creative Commons license: derive, hack, expand, and modify as you see fit.

A Cast of Thousands

Tore’s at it again; this time, he’s written up a sprawling random NPC generator for Portal Rats. Get A Cast of Thousands free here!

Tore has written up a random treasure table for Portal Rats, Loot of Countless Spheres. A hundred weird baubles!

Go check out the character creation and beginnings of adventure!

Portal Rats is here!

What’s a portal rat? A nobody of the planes. Riff-raff. Someone who started at nothing, and is capable of anything.

A standalone game built onĀ The Black Hack, Portal Rats offers new character creation rules (including occupations and backgrounds), equipment, spells, and adversaries to capture the classic weirdness of planar adventuring. Now you can get your hands on it at DriveThruRPG!

As promised previously, BlackHatMatt has posted his review of W3M over on RPG.net. Have a look at his thoughtful critique here: https://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/17/17083.phtml