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Monoliths of Titan was created for National Game Design Month 2012. It was designed using Looney Labs’ Pyramids.

These three games feature the Diceconomy system, which allows three players to competitively control the course of the game’s narrative. They’re also free to download and share under a Creative Commons 3.0 BY-NC-SA license.

Eidolon City is a minimalist setting for Fate Accelerated Edition.

Experimental Games:

Created for Ryan Macklin’s Flash Game Design Challenge, download the player sheet or the GM sheet for Iä: A Game of Dark Worship.

Phenomengineers is an “infectious game fragment”. Once you read it, you’re playing it.


7 thoughts on “Get Games”

      1. Runeblade has that interfering sword background image. It’s not only hard to read but prints badly too. As far as Vector and Doublecross, they cause eye-strain on a monitor and are just not printable. You can’t ask people to print even a mere 2 pages in solid black. Pass me the design files and I’ll put my skills to work for you for free. I love the idea, I just have a really hard time with the usability.

        1. Sorry, forgot to change some settings back from the last time I exported something else. The full front and back are up now.

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