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Corona Ashcan Available

During a recent plumbing of my hard drive, I discovered an old (circa 2012) iteration of the Corona rules. After a little polishing and combining of disparate parts, I have decided to make this artifact available on both itch.io and DriveThruRPG as Pay-What-You-Want. It’s 81 pages, no art, playtested and edited, but just not what I wanted or envisioned for the final Corona product. Still, if you want to support Corona‘s continuing development, or just want a peek into how the proverbial sausage is made, this is for you.

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Corona, a Fate take

I’m trying out some heavy modifications to Fate to see if it works as a core system for Corona. Those modifications include:

  • adding another axis of action in the form of theaters of operation: you may act on the Personal, Tactical, Operational, or Strategic level with your skills
  • incorporating the “dark vs. light dice” mechanic from Delve: Dynamic Dungeon Adventure, wherein you roll two sets of Fate dice and, based on your choice, either retain or relinquish the narrative resolution of the action
  • including augmentations, a sub-category of stunt from the Fate Toolkit to represent things like bodily nanotech or cyberware

The results will be available for testing at Metatopia!

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Corona V4 design notes

A few bullet points to bring folks up to speed on the newest (re)incarnation of Corona:

  • The character creation and autarchy creation systems are largely untouched, since they were consistently the most popular features during playtests. One notable change is that the initial deal of cards generates a wider array of strategic assets which are not limited to just locations. This has the side effect of making an agent’s position less important.
  • Dice! I’ve decided to implement a small amount of randomization. This serves several¬†functions. First, it reduces the dependence on huge resource pools in Corona, which was always a sticking point for some playtesters. Second, the inclusion of a die roll possibly lets me include the narrative-control function from Delve into the game. Third, agent rank now means something different – it serves as a bottleneck for access to resources, not the primary determiner of success/failure in dealing with assets.
  • The options for agents and the Void have been codified as moves a la Apocalypse World and its derivatives. The playbook mechanic is not being implemented, though, and agents will have access to what is currently a sizable sheet of options. I’m working on streamlining the options to make for easier entry into the game.


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Corona playtest on Saturday, October 22

I’ll be running an open playtest of Corona on Saturday, October 22, using Google Hangouts. The link to the event is here¬†so you can RSVP to the event. No familiarity required: I’ll be walking everyone through character creation (which takes just minutes), shared world-building of the autarchy, and the first few turns of the game. Come join me!

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Update on how things are going

After excellent feedback from Metatopia, I’ve made a few notes for future-me on Corona and put it back in The Drawer. The game continues to have promise but also need work; playtesting of new pieces of the rules reinforced the burgeoning sense that Corona is better meant to be split into a number of interconnected games rather than put forth as a hybrid. While I percolate on what those are likely to look like, we move on to a new project that’s been slowly bubbling up in my consciousness. Here’s a taste.

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