A hierarchy of powers

I’m becoming more and more enamored of the idea of adapting Nobilis‘ basic attribute system to this game, so let’s look at how that might work.

In Nobilis, you build a starting Sovereign from a blank slate, using 25 character points to buy your four Attributes as well as Gifts (custom special powers that don’t fall under the Miracles that all Nobles can perform with their Attributes). My vision of building angels already builds in five starting Gifts based on Sphere-Element combinations, but five Attributes, so at first glance, it doesn’t look like the character point totals would necessarily need to be adjusted, but upon further instruction, there’s a problem. See, the Nobilis scale for attributes goes from 0 to 5, and because you probably want to buy some nifty Gifts, you won’t end up spending all of the points on your Attributes. My angelic model would automatically result in scores of 5 across the board for every stat if there weren’t another place to spend points. I think I might thus want to either (a) lower the number of available points, or (b) allow angels to buy more Gifts and other traits to introduce a meaningful decision.

One of the things I was thinking of also introducing to the game, which becomes relevant at this point, would be affiliation with the existing Archons. Angels are used to following orders, not operating under their own volition, so angels would start with ties to one or more of the Archons and work to advance that Archon’s Name in the world. (Each Archon has a Name which reflects the abstract ideal they represent and advance in the world: Michael is kindness, Gabriel is justice, etc.) An angel can devote themselves to funneling the remaining spiritual light to their Archon, raising their Immanence and earning the ability to invoke Miracles in return. So that would be a logical place for a starting angel to devote some of their starting focus.

PS: I have a name for the game now! As you’ve probably seen already, the game is tentatively titled A Silence in Heaven.