Wizards of the Three Moons Playtest Diary #1

Does W3M need rules for wizards to cast spells, or is it sufficient to just say, “they cast a spell, describe what it does”? I want some way to enforce the weirdness of magic, that there’s always something unexpected included, and my experience is that gamers will never give their actions negative consequences without mechanics.


I’m trying out the wizard creation rules to see what kinds of skewed results I can get. Here’s an example:

Emeralda the Enchantress
Jaded, Glum, Officious (11 Weal, 31 Woe)
Summoning, Clairvoyance, Marine Magic
Pawns: Warrior 6, Thief 9, Healers 6 and 5

First thoughts: the oracle bag is really dark for these pawns. I did a few sample challenges and wounded pretty much all of them but the thief on their first draw. Since I haven’t made abilities for the vocations, that’s probably going to be the next thing I work on. It would only make sense that a party with two healers should be able to fend off wounds more easily without having to resort to marking off boons.