My self-imposed challenge: Eight 8-page games in October

I thought I’d change things up a little bit: while the horror game and all the other extant projects go brew for a little while, I’m going to spend October doing quick designs. Here are my rules:

* Try to finish eight games, based on suggestions by others when possible. I have two prompts already, a third promised to me later today, and five remaining openings. If I don’t get five, I have to come up with ideas for them myself.
* Each game will be eight pages long: no more, no less.
* I’ll be at Metatopia at the end of the month, and my finish line for a game will be to present the end results there. I also hope to release the games in one big bundle after the challenge is over.
* When feasible, I’ll blog their design here just as I have with my earlier projects.

The prompt I’m giving people is: tell me about a game you wish existed. This month, I’ll try to write it for you! Leave a comment here, or email my gmail address, parenthesispress, if you have a game suggestion.