House of Cards is in the new Tabletop Drop

If you’re familiar with the Humble Bundle, then you know the concept already: a compilation of indie games that you can buy by paying what you want, benefiting a charity. In this case, the Tabletop Drop sells you a collection of core rulebook PDFs for indie tabletop RPGs, donating 10% to Reach Out And Read, a group which helps doctors and nurses provide books and literacy support to children.

House of Cards is proudly part of this collection, along with some other fantastic small-press RPGs. Head on over to to pick yours up: the bundle is only available for two weeks!</p>

2 thoughts on “House of Cards is in the new Tabletop Drop”

  1. I picked up House of Cards as part of the Table Top Drop.

    This RPG is one of my favorite games to introduce people to narrative gameplay, and for convention and one-shots. Great game. Thank you for all the hardwork that went into creating it.

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