Let us speak of empires.

In Corona, you have one. But can you keep it?

The universe of Corona is one in which humankind has spread across the Milky Way. Psychic autarchs have learned to harness solar radiation to magnify their powers across entire systems, and their rule is largely unquestioned. However, an autarch’s sun-mind powers are limited by the heliopause – the outer boundary where the star’s radiation and the interstellar medium reach equilibrium. As a result, there is no one dominant interstellar power, but instead thousands of island-like star-nations vying for any advantage over the others.

One turn, or span, in a game of Corona focuses on one of these autarchies: one player adopts the position of the Throne, playing the autarch overseeing this solar kingdom, with the other players adopting the various members of the court, divided into four Ministries responsible for different duties and powers in the system.

Not all agents in the court are loyal, however. Some might want power for themselves or their Ministry; others could be secret partisans for another rival autarchy; still others may be idealists who want to replace the authoritarian rule of the autarchs. The danger of treachery is heightened in this time of change, when serious threats overshadow the long-held equilibrium of power. The nomads who wander the causeways built for interstellar travel during the Emigration have their own independent agenda. A fledgling Free Alliance of systems newly emancipated from autarchial rule agitates for a new era.

Corona allows players options to explore one such autarchy’s saga, constructed by consensus, or even to string together multiple autarchies in rotating story arcs to build a truly galactic epic.