Thinking about buying a copy?

For those of you who’ve perhaps been on the fence about getting a print copy of House of Cards, perhaps this will nudge you in the right direction: the price just went down! Head over to our section at IPR to nab a hardcover for $25 or a softcover for $15. As always, a digital copy is bundled free with the purchase of any physical copy.

5 thoughts on “Thinking about buying a copy?”

  1. I bought the ePub and I notice that it says “draft” in the Table of Contents, instead of having a table of contents and it isn’t clear that there are chapter markings in it. Makes me think that I should have gotten the PDF.

    1. Huh. That sounds like a mix-up. Let me look into it and see about getting you the right file. Did you get art or no art?

      1. Al: I just emailed the new EPub to the email address associated with your comment login. Sorry for the trouble!

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