A quick design scribble: dice buy plot

That’s a terse and inelegant way of describing it, but accurate. I wrote earlier about a design track in which characters take dice from their pool to “invest” in some of their traits, giving up flexibility and power in performing actions in exchange for the static aura of benefit that comes with the trait so empowered. If you’re a noble, you can tie up one of your dice in the noble keyword on your sheet, and everyone will treat you appropriately, but you can’t roll that die for actions taken during the scene: being noble has its advantages, but also has its restrictions!
From that idea sprung a brainstorm last night: I’m contemplating framing Project Atlantis as a very tightly-focused scenario-based game. If you know Sweet Agatha, or Montsegur 1244, or the Giovanni Chronicles series for the classic World of Darkness, you know what that means: you approach the game with a specific premise and span of time already determined. What came to me is the idea that, in addition to investing your dice in your character traits, you might have the option in this fixed scenario to invest dice in what you want to occur at the end. For instance, I’m imagining a story that takes place over three nights: each night, each character gets a chance to choose how they want the final resolution to go, and they sacrifice one of their dice to give that denouement force. The dice are tabulated as votes at the end of the game, so the path that characters have put the most effort into bringing to fruition is the one that happens. (I can also see uncommitted dice being used at the end to try to place swing votes, but they would have less weight than those dice committed early and permanently.)
The idea may not be feasible for long-term play: I envision this being, as I said, one specific story taking place with three voting points. I can see the rough sketches of how a more open-ended version might look, but it’ll take some work. This is really meant as a reminder to come back to later: in the meantime, I have Corona and that dungeon game to work on.