Pre-Gen Con productivity

It’s always nice to get some work done. With Gen Con less than a week away, the necessary materials are coming together.

For the game formerly known as Delve, the playtest character sheets have been printed; they’re double-sided with some of the most important rules on the back. I managed to get them down to a quarter of a sheet of letter-sized paper!

As for Corona, the game is a bit too sprawling to print out an easy playtest document for a table of completely new players, so I’m making agent dossiers that include specifics only on what the individual player needs to know: if you have a psychic power, you get the rules for that power, but none of the other ones, for instance. I’m a big fan of showing off all of a game, including character generation, during a demo, but I fear Corona‘s set-up is too involved for a group to have to absorb cold, especially at the end of a taxing day spent gaming, walking, and processing the vortex of sensory overload that is the exhibit hall.

For the wider Corona public playtest, of course, players will get the whole package, and create their own autarchies as intended. More on that after I get back from Indianapolis.