What would you like to see?

I’ve been doing some informal polling around the various social media circles in which Parenthesis Press is represented with regard to where our admittedly limited time and energy would best be spent. I want to put out games that I would want to play, obviously, but I also want to put out games that you want to play. I’ve talked a little about what’s currently in development, but here’s a recap for discussion:

Delve aims to recreate an old-school dungeon-crawl experience, in which your nameless fantasy adventurer kicks in doors, fights monsters, and grabs loot, but with new-school mechanical innovation: the dungeon is completely mapless; an economy of plot points flows back and forth from gamemaster to players as danger appears or heroes do heroic things. The rules will be light enough that anyone can download and print or pick up the free Adventurer’s Guide booklet, grab one of the pre-generated characters, and start delving right away, while the inexpensive and more detailed Gamemaster’s Guide will contain all the backstage (or behind-the-screen, as it were) rules for managing the flow of the story.

Corona is strategic sci-fi roleplaying: the players form the court of a psychic god-emperor ruling over a solar system kingdom with power magnified by the sun itself. The old orders are becoming destabilized, and the empires of the stars face threats from without and within. Are you a loyal bulwark against insurrection, or secretly a traitor sabotaging the government from within? The plan is to put out a limited edition but very attractive full-color game that is sort of a hybrid of RPG and board game – the system’s status is tracked by a central board, war-room style, as players engage in intrigue and negotiation amongst themselves to try to further their own agendas.

The question, thus, is which of these games should take top priority in terms of development and production? Which do you want to see more? Which do you want to hear about, and which do you think you’d be most likely to tell other people about? This is not to suggest that you’re choosing which of these games is going to come out – both of them will be completed and released – but rather which one should get the lion’s share of energy right now. As a customer, your opinion helps drive my decisions, so please weigh in with your comments and discussion.

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