A different vision: Robert Scott’s Urban Tarot

If it’s your preference to tone down the fantasy element of House of Cards, one good way to do that is by selecting a deck of cards whose illustrations fit the tone you want – after all, the card faces are the majority of the visual art you’re going to see during a game session! Reskinning House of Cards as an action film instead of a modern fairy tale is certainly not out of line with the power level, for one thing. With that in mind, for whose who want a more grounded set of images for their Bearers/Archetypes, have a look at the Urban Tarot. Artist Robert Scott is Kickstarting the project; details can be found at the link.

4 thoughts on “A different vision: Robert Scott’s Urban Tarot”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. This was the first project I actually funded by just browsing through projects that weren’t funded yet. I hope it comes through!

  2. Thanks for the link, Neal, I appreciate it! I was just following up on a discussion about your game on rpg.net, and found the post. I’ve been saying that the tarot still seems underutilized as a roleplaying tool, so I’m glad to see you making use of it.

    1. More than happy to give you some traffic, Robert! I’m a fan of tarot decks of all sorts, and I agree that there’s a lot of symbolic richness left yet untapped in the tarot for gaming purposes.

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