Thank you for holding! House of Cards is now up for pre-order.

EDIT: A couple of technical issues to make note of: first, the pre-order options aren’t consistently showing up on the Parenthesis Press page – some customers have mentioned they only see the digital copies and not the hardcover/softcover bundles. (EDIT 2: This seems to be fixed now!) They do show up at the bottom of the front page on Indie Press Revolution, though, under New Products. Also, I’m looking into whether other shipping options are available beyond UPS, because it can be a bit pricey, I know. Steady on!

A laminator breakdown held things up at the printers, but now physical copies of House of Cards are rolling off the presses, and to celebrate, I’m offering a $5 off sale through the Parenthesis Press page at IPR. You will also always get a digital version to download when you buy a paper copy. This only lasts a couple of weeks (from now until the boxes hit the warehouse), so snag yourself a deal!

4 thoughts on “Thank you for holding! House of Cards is now up for pre-order.”

  1. I do hope you can arrange non-UPS shipping. If it is UPS or nothing, then it will be nothing for me.

    1. If you’re in the US, at least, you can pull down the menu on the checkout page to “Other Carriers” and get a list of different options on the subsequent page. International customers are still recommended to email directly to to work out the best option, but it does seem that there *are* options.

      1. Unfortunately, you cannot choose any of the “other carriers”. It just gives a list.

        1. The radio buttons are on the checkout page, in the second column; they become active once you enter your address. Hope that helps!

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