Update: the book is done! But, um, not for sale yet.

House of Cards is all done! While we get things straightened out with distribution, here is what the plan looks like going forward:

There will be a pre-order period between the official launch announcement and the arrival of print copies. If we can manage to get the logistics worked out, the pre-order price will be discounted. The price point looks to be $20 for softcover and $30 for hardcover during the pre-order sale, and then $25/$25 after. Also, there will be digital copies! If you just want an electron book, see the Bibliothécaire Matière- er, I mean, you’ll be able to order either PDF or ePub versions. And here’s something interesting: those digital versions will be available in “hi-fi” or “lo-fi” editions, which is to say that you can buy the version with all the art just like the hard copy ($5) or a no-frills version with just the text ($3).

Oh, and the digital version of your choice comes FREE with a hard copy. No extra charge – you’ll be able download and read while you wait for your paper edition to arrive.

As soon as we have the link to start selling copies, it’ll be here. Promise!