Some talk, preceded by a mystery

There is a stack of parchment on the table by the kitchen in my apartment. What is it for? That’s something which will be revealed when the stars are right.

Spectrum Prime needs some work, but I want your help to know what to work on. Do you want the game to have lots of fiddly rules options that you can plug in or out to customize your game? Do you want lots of pre-generated examples of how things are built with the rules? Something else besides? I encourage and welcome discussion: I want Spectrum to end up an open-source toolkit game, and I want anyone who wants to tinker with it to join in the process!

On the subject of Spectrum: I haven’t put the relevant code into the document or anything yet, but it’s Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA. This means that Spectrum Prime will be available not only for people to hack for their own enjoyment, but to in fact make their own games. As long as proper attribution is made, and your own tweaks are licensed similarly, you’ll be able to use the Spectrum system just as you would some of the other free rules engines out there. It’s not exactly up to full speed yet, but that’s just another reason to lend a hand under the hood.