A snowy swirl of nascent ideas

We got our first real snow in southwestern Pennsylvania this week (meaning it stuck and was still there in the morning, as opposed to coming down but just turning to water when it landed), and like those icy bits of sky, I’m surrounded by little ideas that might add up to something more.

If you haven’t already looked at Spectrum Prime yet, feel free to grab the early rough version that’s up. I’m still building it up into something fully self-sufficient, and I’m welcoming contributors and feedback. The Spectrum system also looks like it might be useful for a couple of game ideas I’ve been batting around: the fantasy setting Viridian (which you’ve already glimpsed, if you followed the development of Spectrum throughout National Game Design Month), and Rust (the robot-uprising idea mentioned a while back). Both of these games would be as much toolkits for playing with Spectrum as standalone games — each one is actually meant to be a highly-customizable experience, not a fixed setting handed down by dictum. Viridian, as I mentioned before, is envisioned as a “meta-setting” that characters can access from any other game setting, exploring as their own personal Quest and then returning with what they gained on their journey. Rust is going to be a set of mechanics with lots of dials and knobs to build the game of robot smashing you want to play, from tense paranoid thriller to post-apocalyptic action show.

is also going to get a revamp as a full-fledged game, though perhaps still a free one; a few discreet inquiries with others have convinced me that there is a niche for such a game — a limited one, to be sure, but worth pursuing. I actually have some interesting ideas for how to approach the project that will remain obscure for now.

Still exploring options for how to get House of Cards out the door in the most efficacious way possible. Pre-ordering is still on the table, but the buzz isn’t quite high enough to think that it’ll go through right now.