[NGDM] A quick chargen rundown

Let’s write up a character!

I keep using this nebulous mage-thief as a character example, so let’s do that: a cutpurse for a fantasy setting with some minor magical talents. Start with 20 points.

Envisioning magic as flexible and fast, but our character wielding only minor tricks, I buy 2d4 for her, giving each of them a keyword for the types of magic that would be most useful for a thief (namely, a Silence Spell and a Shadow Spell). She can pull off some other magic, too – a keyword doesn’t lock you into one specific application, it just lets you pull out a signature trick and up the stakes of the scene. If things get tough, though, her real first line of defense is a pair of daggers she keeps on hand, which I figure should be a red d6: she uses them in concert most of the time, fighting pseudo-Florentine, rather than throwing them or using a single-blade style, so it’s a little more effective than a d4 would suggest, but still a single conceptualized action rather than multi-tasking. That spends 14 of our points, but we need her to be able to do some actual, y’know, thieving. We give her a yellow d4 (not great on its own – we might say she relies a bit on her spells to cover a pretty ordinary skill set) and keyword it with a phrase that just popped into my head, a “catfall cloak,” a minor magic garment that gives some vaguely-defined balance and quietness to her movements. That leaves two bonus points that can be spent for bennies or saved up to buy something later/upgrade a die. No wounds to start with, so voila! I cobbled together a simple character sheet with a couple of ideas: circles for the dice, filled in with their denomination and color, plus a space to note down a keyword for each, as well as extending the line to put down stress as it occurs (since stress is color-bound).