[NGDM] Charts! Okay, only a couple.

We’ve got this dice engine idea with five roles and the different types of polyhedral dice, so let’s start picking it up and turning it around, inspecting it for strange or quirky behavior. Since I’m a visual learner in part, and because this is a textual medium, charts might be useful for understanding this mechanic in greater detail.

(I promise I don’t do this often.)

One way to understand the system is to lay it out in the obvious manner: a grid with the roles on one side and the dice on another.

It's a chart! Or a rainbow.

It’s pretty straightforward for organizational purposes, but not all that inspiring. It could be good as a central player organizational tool, though – it could make up the core of a character sheet, for instance. If we flip it on its head, putting the roles along the bottom and the dice rising in value from the baseline, it makes a nice sort of “sliders” graphic so you can easily see how high someone has cranked one of their roles.

In thinking about this, though, it seems there’s a deeper pattern involved. Rather than one continuum of roles it looks like there are two intersecting as x- and y-axes: in terms of taking or giving damage, and taking or giving information.

Still colorful, less rainbow-like, more schematic.

As I’m putting that together, I’m tempted to add a third, z-axis, that deals with “things” rather than “people” or “information”, but it’s possible to model more complexity by adding keywords or tags to the existing verbs, not adding more verbs: someone who heals things is a technician while someone who fixes people is a medic. Now I think we’re getting somewhere: this gives us a nice five-branch system that can become extraordinarily flexible by just creating sub-branches off those five main stalks.