Long time, no see!

I just wanted to drop a note here to indicate what’s been going on behind the scenes:

* House of Cards is rapidly approaching completion – the art will all be in less than a month from now, and a few pre-printing galleys should be in from the printers to take along to Metatopia 2011 next week.

* Speaking of Metatopia, I’ll be running a focus group for a new project entitled 30 Minutes to Live while I’m there. One part improvisational theater, one part competitive parlor game, one part social experiment, the game is envisioned as a basic framework in which to explore different scenarios revolving around one central conflict: the players are stuck in a room together and have half an hour to resolve a conundrum: either one of them dies, or all of them die.

* Another long-form traditional game has been brewing for a little while, but has been on the back burner since late August. As a teaser, let me just say this: “robot uprising”.

Stay tuned, folks!