Crushing your foes with your mighty… happiness?

As Bearers gain experience and power, there are several routes for them to pursue. The simplest and most straightforward is to gain what they already have, but bigger: to gain more Greater Powers, or increase their hand size. Both of these suffice for modeling the growing synergy between a Bearer and her Archetype, a greater familiarity with the way magic flows through the channels of one’s self.

But there are other ways to mark a puissant Bearer. When one walks in a world steeped in magic, one learns about the natural manifestations of it that fall outside of one’s initial purview. You find spontaneous occurrences of the magical nature of the world – and sometimes you can take them up as your own, just like harvesting a flower you find along the side of the road.

Bearers can spend time learning what is broadly termed High Magic, forms of manipulating dream-energy that rely on ritual and willpower in contrast to the innate and intuitive way in which Powers manifest. To use running as a metaphor, High Magic is a marathon, and requires deliberate focus and training to achieve, while Powers are the natural sort of running that people may or may not have an inborn knack for.

Wonderments are marvels of natural magic that do not “belong” to the Archetypes, and as such may be attained and even traded. Bearers become their keepers, taking on responsibility for maintaining and protecting them in exchange for access to them. Because magic comes from dreams, these can be truly unusual resources: a form of joy that can be used as a weapon, or a floating library that catalogs all the matter in the universe.

Weirds either arise spontaneously or can be forged by a Bearer; the thread of one’s own fate is knotted and woven with magic to reinforce it in specific ways. These are not without cost: one must usually abide by an oath of some sort to maintain the magic, but gains the strength to affirm their destiny in return. Bearers often carry Weirds that dictate the manner of their death, which protect them from other misfortunes, or swear binding vows to accomplish a task and gird themselves with magic that enhances their capabilities when moving toward that goal.