Thoughts on Kickstarter et al?

I’m thinking about employing Kickstarter or IndieGoGo or some similar service for some of the projects in the pipeline – House of Cards obviously first among them, but possibly for another full-length game that’s still nascent. I’m collecting input on:

a) whether you would contribute via such a service;
b) what sorts of extras or perks you would like to see for funding exceeding the goal;
c) any other suggestions or comments on the matter (like previous experiences, especially).

In the case of House of Cards, I basically view the notion of a Kickstarter project as a form of pre-ordering that lets all the bills get paid for producing it, as well as a way to provide tangible feedback (contributions) that get extra goodies in return. It’s one thing to be interested in a game, and it’s another to buy it, but yet another to get to choose to pay extra for it and get added value back. Some of the things I have been considering adding in would include chapbooks of extra material, such as setting or optional rules that don’t make the page count, or Tarot card bookmarks; I’m very open to other ideas, too.