Jules Verne meets Portal? Plus, a contest.

That might be the high-concept pitch one would give about Parenthesis Press’ upcoming short game. An insane 18th century King issues a Challenge to the great Inventors of the age, promising a tremendous reward for the one whose Automaton is able to overcome a gauntlet of puzzle-like Chambers. (And, yes, those capital letters are intentional.)

Longer than our nano-games Runeblade and Vector, but shorter than House of Cards, this game is expected to be launched for download at Gen Con – that is, if we get a name for it! Right now, the extremely unwieldy name of the game is The Great Challenge of the Mad King to the World’s Foremost Inventors and their Amazing Automata. It’s certainly descriptive, but way too long.

So here’s what we’re going to do: first, come follow Parenthesis Press on Twitter (@houseofcardsrpg). Tweet your name suggestions to us, and if we pick yours to use, you get a copy of the game when it launches for free, and you’ll get a copy of the game for free when it launches, with your name in the credits acknowledging your contribution.

Here are the criteria we’ll be using:

Catchy. Does it roll off the tongue?

Evocative. Does it convey, at least a little bit, the concept of the game?

Original. Is it distinct enough to avoid confusion with other games?

Oh, and if you’re coming to Gen Con in a few weeks, you may also get to see the game in action if you run into me – another good reason to follow @houseofcardsrpg on Twitter!