The world, and The World

Players in House of Cards play Bearers, humans who have attracted the auspices of one of the cosmic Archetypes. All of the Major Arcana of the Tarot have known Bearers… except for one.

One of the great mysteries of the setting is that the twenty-first Arcanum, The World, has gone missing. Sometime around the beginning of the 20th Century, the last known Bearer disappeared, and none has stepped forward as the inheritor of the mantle since then. All attempts at investigating this conundrum, from exhaustive research to divination magic, have failed utterly.

The referee’s section of the rulebook posits two possible alternate explanations for this puzzling situation and others, but House of Cards does not provide definitive, exclusive answers to such questions. House of Cards is about dreams, and dreams are far more often cryptic than expository. Groups are encouraged to explore these mysteries and come up with their own fascinating twists on these matters, either by consensus or organically through the experience of play.