Check out the new devlog over at itch.io for info on the newly expanded horizons of the map for The Alchemist of Dunvale.


Playtesting Commences!

The first face-to-face playtest of The Alchemist of Dunvale is happening tonight! Others are encouraged to give the newly released alpha ruleset a spin and report back on how things went; download it from itch.io now!

Here’s a little something that I concocted for my April Alchemy game, The Alchemist of Dunvale. It’s not a very artistic map (although I’m searching for an artist to draw a nice one for the final version of the game), but it’s a useful spatial representation of the area pertinent to the game.

A Map of the Dunvale Region

I’m hosting a game jam from April 1-30 over on itch.io for anyone who wants to participate. The theme is “alchemy”, which is open wide to all sorts of interpretation. All submissions will be freely available for download by the end of the jam, and there’s no competition: it’s an exercise is simply creating for the enjoyment of creating. Come sign up!

We’re easy enough to locate: https://parenthesispress.itch.io/

Come get some games!

Max Vanderheyden has created a new random table that generates portals, keys, and destinations for Portal Rats. Give it a spin!

It came to me in a dream, then another, and another. Eventually, I realized, I was going to have to record what I could remember.

Eidolon City is a one-page setting prompt for Fate Accelerated Edition. Your job as an investigator for the Office of Psychometry: find and neutralize anomalies in an already anomalous town. It’s available free under the Creative Commons license: derive, hack, expand, and modify as you see fit.