Ride forth into the Demon Wastes from your citadel on Skull Mountain with your fellow Metal Queens and defeat evil. Available now, the Ride the Lightning digital edition contains everything you need for the most metal adventures possible in a convenient half-letter booklet. Coming soon, members of the TRVE KVLT will be able to… Continue reading METAL QUEENS OV SKULL MOUNTAIN

Tarot del Toro

If you've wanted to inject some more Guillermo del Toro into your game of House of Cards (and who wouldn't?), Tomás Hijo has just the thing for you. Visit Insight Editions to get the Tarot del Toro, a combination Tarot deck and guidebook melding the visions of director del Toro (Pan's Labyrinth, The Shape of… Continue reading Tarot del Toro

Aphelion preview is live!

If you've been wanting a peek at Aphelion, now's your chance. I've uploaded a partial (i.e., unplayable but representative) version of the game at for interested viewers. Comments and feedback are welcome, but bear in mind, this is explicitly not the whole game, but a redacted version.

Checking in: Aphelion chargen development

​I'm staying in, socially distanced, and continuing to work on projects - Aphelion being my main focus. Character generation has been coming along, and here's what it looks like right now: You draft tarot cards and assign them to your three major traits (Vocation, Drive, and Distinction). If you take an action that directly draws… Continue reading Checking in: Aphelion chargen development

Informing RPG design with board game mechanics

Jewel of the Sea continues to be a delight to work on, partly because going to my local board game meetup and playing Arkham Horror or Escape the Dark Castle counts as research. AH 3rd edition in particular has yielded lots of fruitful mechanics to mine. To start off, character creation via card selection allows… Continue reading Informing RPG design with board game mechanics

A long overdue update

Happy new year, and sorry for the long silence: I've been tinkering away on many different projects, meaning that each is moving proportionally slower than even my usual glacial pace. Here's what's up in terms of games I've talked about here: A Silence in Heaven has had a small beta update over at; I'm… Continue reading A long overdue update